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Good Day, Darlings

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This yard reminded me of fairies and it was nice to sit and smoke in front of(:

This yard reminded me of fairies and it was nice to sit and smoke in front of(:

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I just got all ready to go outside for a walk and possibly a coffee but it was too windy when I walked out so I stayed inside. I don’t want my dress blowing up dude fuck that shit. Not in Huntington.

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I just got your package. All these clothes and jewelery are so thoughtful of you to send me and actually brought me to tears. You really helped me and for a stranger to give me this much hope and love, it’s remarkable and amazing. You’ve inspired me to give what I can to people that need it. Because it really did surprise me and make my day so much better.
It’s been hard for me lately, I’ve been wearing the same couple outfits for basically a little over a month. After I left my mom because of the abuse and drug filled weeks she made me share with her, she refused to give me any of my stuff from my room. After letting my family know and my aunt, who has been letting me stay with her for the time being, I have slowly been able to get a little bit more clothes, but this package definitely has helped, and put the biggest smile on my face<3

I love that you’re so selfless and you went all out on this, you even payed 20$ to send all this! I couldn’t find your blog again for some reason but I hope you check up on my personal blog and see this, because I really want you to know how thankful I am. You’re a beautiful person, don’t ever forget that <3