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Good Day, Darlings

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Anonymous asked: Coming from a family of musicians I've seen lots of drug abuse but where would music be today without morrisen joplin hendrix cobain and their sadness and addictions. Im sorry, I had no idea you were a captive and forced beyond your will. Just Love!

No I definitely agree with you on that. But those people made beautiful beautiful art. Completely different from what I was talking about and i have a completely different view on them, of course. I’m not against people that do drugs. I’m against the bad people they can turn into because of drugs. 
Everyone’s different. I just wish they could all be good and kind-hearted. <3 that’s all(:

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Anonymous asked: Thank you for the time to answer 3 questions. However they disappointment the image i had of u. I understand beauty and talents are solely yours but was there an influence? The 3rd ?Was to see personality which i see now as judgemental n that's sad

The third I was solely talking about two people, not everyone with an addiction or going through a rough time in life. Two people in my life, that I was very close with, that I tried to help but would not take my words into consideration. People that single handedly and maliciously tried to drag me down into the life they created of drugs and rock bottom, with no thought to get better for me or for themselves. People that made me believe they were safe to be with, people who swore to protect me from harm, right before raping me or feeding me more drugs, or both. 

So no, I’m not judgmental at all and I really feel for these people who are in such dark places, and cannot get out, because it’s not who they really are. They’re sweet people, I’ve seen the good side of them, but they refuse to acknowledge the positivity in life.

Obviously my answer to that third question came out the wrong way. I hope you can see it more in my perspective now. But I’ve tried to help these people already in the very best ways I could think of. But overall them just not being in my life is the much needed and deserved solution, for everyone.

I do wish they could get better. But they need to want to get better. It can’t just be done for them.

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Anonymous asked: 3 things I want to know about you; 1. from whom is your beauty inherited from? 2. from whom is your talents inherited from? 3. If you can change anyone in your life for the better, besides yourself, who would it be and why? Im an artist and was asked these questions and its changed my life.


1. I believe that my beauty is inherited from whoever sees it. Everyone sees beauty in someone in a completely different way. So I guess this question is up to you.

2. My talents are inherited from myself, if that makes sense. I believe that my talents are only talents because I choose to practice them. No one’s perfect at anything right off the bat.

3. This question is hard to answer. Partly because I wish I could better many people in my life, but only because their addictions and sadness makes me pity them so much. But I decided that even if I could change anyone, even for the better, I still wouldn’t do it. Luckily I don’t know anyone with a life-threatening illness like cancer, otherwise my answer would be completely different. But I know people with addictions that they keep on feeding no matter what I try to do or say to them. They instead have tried to influence me into being like them. They’re sad and dangerous people to be around and I honestly think it’s their fault for not admitting they’re not okay. But I believe that there needs to be people like them in order for people like me to make better and healthier decisions, regarding my past with addiction as well.

Idk I tried to get my point across but theres so much to say about it it’ll be too long and I don’t feel like editing that much